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Chainlink Scratch Builder

  • Exact Estimates in Seconds
  • Generate Contracts
  • Specification Sheets
  • Shop Drawings
  • Gate Fabrication Sheets
  • Work Orders With Computer Generated Job Sketches
Chainlink Estimates


   Combine with Qwikdraw

Qwikdraw interacts with all the scratch builder fence estimation programs including Chainlink Scratch Builder. It can convert your rough drawing to a scaled job layout. Qwikdraw allows Chainlink Scratch Builder to estimate multiple heights of chainlink, or combine chainlink with wood, vinyl, and ornamental iron fence.

Chainlink Estimator Video
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Professional Reports

An estimator with Chainlink Scratch Builder can figure a large commercial chainlink fence including single swing, double swing, rolling and cantilever gates exactly down to the last nut, bolt and tie wire in about two minutes. Scratch Builder then presents a wide range of reports including Specification Sheets, Shop Drawings, Gate Fabrication Sheets, Proposal/Contracts with a Job Sketch, and exact Packing Lists with a Job Sketch (a one-page worksheet for your installers) at the click of a mouse. Scratch Builder can generate reports at Cost, Cost Plus any percentage of markup, Retail or discounted down from Retail. You can get at any number you want from the bottom up or from the top down. The only thing it won’t do is let you sell below your cost.

The program calculates concrete, can save and recall estimates, allows you to edit your estimate on screen, convert to an Invoice, can alert you to Inventory Shortages, and will deduct sold jobs from inventory. Job Sketch enables you to detail job layouts on your computer. There are tools for adding horizontal and vertical text, drawing buildings, roads, existing fences, trees, shrubs, hedges, dogs, horses, symbols for utility features, and a compass.

Height and Style Variations

Have you ever spent half an hour figuring a six foot chainlink estimate only to have the customer ask: “What would that cost eight feet tall?” Using QwikDraw if there are multiple fence heights and/or styles, Chainlink Scratch Builder can recalculate the job including taller posts, fabric, gates, tensions bars, and more bands, bolts, and tie wires in a few seconds. With Chainlink Scratch Builder you can estimate a job half a dozen different ways and produce a proposal package for each in less time than it previously took to produce a single estimate and look like the ultimate professional while doing it.

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