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Relieving the biggest headache in the fence business.

  • Schedule up to 49 fence crews
  • Displays up to 10 weeks out
  • Reschedules Delayed Jobs
  • Assign Crew Specialities
  • Utility Locate Alerts
  • Customer Contact Alerts
  • Building Permit Alerts
  • Links to Google Maps

Job Schedule interface

Reminding you of every detail.

How could anybody write a program for scheduling fence crews? Well, take a look at this.

Job Schedule is designed to solve one of the biggest headaches in the fence business, scheduling your installation crews effectively. The dynamic logic in Job Schedule reacts to every change and addition and adapts itself continuously.

Job Schedule automatically assigns up to 49 crews, can schedule up to 10 weeks out on screen, allows manual overrides, and reports on the status of utility locates, building permits, signed contracts. It offers programmable fence types and special equipment lists.

It also addresses priority jobs, levels of job difficulty, crew specialties, custom hours, overtime, languages spoken, and job location. Holidays and ‘special’ days off are taken into account. Job Schedule automatically reconfigures when you encounter those inevitable rain days, ‘sick days’, breakdowns, overruns, and other delays. The schedule can print out in black & white or in full color for distribution. Like all of our programs, Job Schedule was designed by and for the fence contractor.

While Job Schedule will allow manual overrides, it is best used when allowed to adapt itself to the constantly changing realities of real life fence construction. There is an administrator level so unauthorized users can post jobs but cannot make changes in job priority without approval.

The program is designed to require minimal setup and maintenance. In the right hands, Job Schedule will make fence crew scheduling as easy for you as the Scratch Builder programs make fence estimating.

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The best fence software in the fencing industry.
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