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Ornamental Estimate

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Ornamental Scratch Builder

  • Pre-Built or Fabricated
  • Exact Estimates in Minutes
  • Alternate Estimates in Seconds
  • Professional Contracts
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Cut and Fabrication Reports
  • Work Orders With Computer Generated Job Sketches
Ornamental Estimates


   Combine with Qwikdraw

Qwikdraw interacts with all the scratch builder fence estimation programs including Ornamental Scratch Builder. It can convert your rough drawing to a scaled job layout. Qwikdraw allows Ornamental Scratch Builder to estimate multiple heights of ornamental iron, or combine ornamental with wood, vinyl, and chainlink fence.

Ornamental Estimator Video
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Pre-Built Ornamental Fencing

We have been producing a pre-built Ornamental Scratch Builder for many years. It has been configured to estimate the leading steal and aluminum fence products in the industry. Import modules for Ameristar, AmeriGuard, Monumental Iron, Classic Premiem, Elite Aluminum, Echelon Aluminum, SpecRail, Statesman, Guardsman, Delgard, Jerith, Ideal Aluminum, and Today Fencing, are currently available. Most product lines are updated annually. These entire product lines can be plugged in to your CFS system and be working in minutes.

When estimating high-end fences, like ornamental steel and aluminum, customers often want a variety of estimates. Ornamental Scratch Builder especially combined with QwikDraw, can calculate alternate estimates in seconds.

Ornamental Fabricator

Ornamental Fabricator is the latest in our new generation of Scratch Builder fence estimating programs. It figures every piece of steel or aluminum, finials, caps, and accesories. It calculates fabrication labor, welding, and coating charges. It produces a detailed Shop Drawing for a sales and fabrication tool. It even produces a Parts Catalog Section with a drawing of the section, the section pricing, and can also list all of the component parts individually. Personally, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. But, I produced all of these designs in minutes with the ornamental fabricator. It’s so easy, and it does so much.

Our programs have always been ‘fence smart’, but these new fabrication programs are ‘fence brilliant’. This is a totally new approach to fence estimating & design. It enables you to quickly produce custom designs with a few clicks of the mouse. How can it be so easy? These programs “know” how to build fence. Artificial fence intelligence enables Ornamental Fabricator Scratch Builder to estimate millions of variations of ornamental fencing. Of course, for all of your standard styles, you just design each fence once and save it as a Standard Specification. You can have up to 99 Standard Specifications for each height of fence. The drawing that Ornamental Scratch Builder produces can convert into a Shop Drawing, can be exported as a .bmp file, and the drawings associated with your Standard Specs can be used as a graphic in the Fence Parts Catalog.

There are many similarities between the Ornamental Fabricator and the Vinyl Fence Fabricator. Nearly every feature found in one can be found in the other.

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