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Vinyl Scratch Builder

  • Pre-Built or Fabricated
  • Exact Estimates in Minutes
  • Alternate Estimates in Seconds
  • Professional Contracts
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Cut and Fabrication Reports
  • Work Orders With Computer Generated Job Sketches
Vinyl Estimates


   Combine with Qwikdraw

Qwikdraw interacts with all the scratch builder fence estimation programs including PVC Scratch Builder. It can convert your rough drawing to a scaled job layout. Qwikdraw allows PVC Scratch Builder to estimate multiple heights of vinyl, or combine vinyl/pvc with wood, chainlink, and ornamental iron fence.

Vinyl Estimator Video
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Pre-Built Vinyl / PVC

We have been producing a pre-built vinyl Scratch Builder for many years. It is currently configured to estimate the leading vinyl fence products in the industry including Bufftech, Poly Vinyl Creations, Country Estate, and Legend. With the cooperation of these vinyl fence manufactures, their product lines can be plugged into your CFS system and be working for you in minutes.

When estimating high-end fences, like vinyl, customers often want a variety of estimates. Vinyl Scratch Builder especially combined with QwikDraw, can calculate alternate estimates in seconds.

The Vinyl Fabricator

Over the past couple of years our Vinyl Fabricator has grown along with the whole vinyl industry. Vinyl Fabricator knows about everything there is to know about virtually any vinyl fence style. It figures Flat, Arched, Scalloped, Double Arched, Double Scalloped, Down Sloped Ends, Up Sloped Ends, Alternate Picket Height, Peak, Valley, and Custom fence styles. It actually produces a Shop Drawing on screen as you spec it out. You can combine up to 5 different pickets into a pattern, each with an optional cap. Pickets can insert into or attach to rails. Different pickets can have different spacing. These programs calculate picket lengths and spacing for unlimited variations of designs (study the graphics on the previous page). It also calculates waste and controls inventory. We have plug in modules available for most extruders and accessory suppliers. PVC Scratch Builder can calculate each stretch on the job independently in any of five different post spacing options: Proportional, Field Fit Proportional, Remainder, Round to Full Section, and Feather.

If you only fabricate vinyl fence you should be looking at  Vinyl Fence Toolbox

Proportional Spacing

Is figured with all sections in each stretch being of equal length. With this option, rails will be cut exactly and the post & picket spacing can vary stretch by stretch. Calculations are as close to the original design as possible. This option works better with narrow picket patterns or large gaps between pickets.

Field Fit Proportional Spacing

Calculates all of the sections in the stretch proportionally but keeps the picket spacing the same as the original design to preserve exact picket spacing.

Remainder Spacing

Calculates all full length sections with the last section in the stretch fabricated to fill in the remainder.

Round to Full Section Spacing

Calculates all full length sections so there will be some material left over.

Feather Spacing

Is like remainder spacing with a twist. On stretches of more than three sections, the two end sections will be the same and the rest of the stretch will be full sections. It can figure in fractions or in decimals. It also takes into account all of the cuts, routes, waste and fabrication charges. You design a Standard Spec and Vinyl Fabricator produces drawings, an exact list of all items in a job, displayed as either sections, posts, and gates or itemized. It includes picket cutting, routing, and assembly costs and charges. It will talk directly to both SSD and CMM computerized routers. If you ONLY fabricate vinyl, we have a special package just for you: The Vinyl Fence Toolbox. Call us for details

Vinyl Fence Profiles and Accessories

Outdoor Technologies
Country Estate      Veka
We can provide import modules for product lines from these vinyl manufacturers as well as others not mentioned here.

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