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Wire Panel Scratch Builder

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Wire Panel Estimates


   Combine with Qwikdraw

Qwikdraw interacts with all the scratch builder fence estimation programs including Wire Panel Scratch Builder. It can convert your rough drawing to a scaled job layout. Qwikdraw allows Chainlink Scratch Builder to estimate multiple heights of welded wire panel fencing, or combine wire panel with chainlink, wood, vinyl, and ornamental iron fence.

Wire Panel Estimator Video
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Wire Panel Scratch Builder

Long used throughout Europe and the rest of the world, Wire Mesh Panel fencing is a relative newcomer to the North American fencing market. Because of security concerns in this new and dangerous world we live in, Wire Panel fencing has become a growing market segment. Wire mesh panels, built with the correct gauge of wire and proper mesh size, are highly secure and can even resist intrusion with bolt cutters. We addressed this new fence product with its own Wire Panel Scratch Builder estimating program.

The Wire Panel Scratch Builder can add either barbed wire or a fence section type topper to an estimate using either a bent post or a barb wire arm. It can calculate the material needed with panels figured between posts or as continuous fence where the panels have connectors to hook them together. The Wire Panel Scratch Builder uses brackets to attach panels to posts most commonly a tamper resistant U-Bolt assembly or a bracket similar to a tension band (depending on the different styles of wire panel).
Because most of the brackets for Wire Panel fencing allow a certain amount of 'play' where they can be adjusted to make the section fit correctly the program has a fudge factor built in to accommodate 'play'. The program calculates either remainder or proportional spacing and can automatically set the On-Center spacing for a particular style of wire panel. Naturally, the Wire Panel Scratch Builder interfaces with QwikDraw.

We currently have inventory modules set up for Omega and Deacero brands of Wire Panel fencing. If you use a different wire panel product please contact us with your supplier's information and we will contact them and encourage them to participate in the program. A bit of pressure from you, their customers, also goes a long way in affirming that their investment would be worthwhile.

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