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Wood Scratch Builder

  • Exact Estimates in Minutes
  • Alternate Estimates in Seconds
  • Instantly Updated Prices
  • Professional Contracts
  • Work Orders With Computer Generated Job Sketches
Wood Estimates


   Combine with Qwikdraw

Qwikdraw interacts with all the scratch builder fence estimation programs including Wood Scratch Builder. It can convert your rough drawing to a scaled job layout. Qwikdraw allows Wood Scratch Builder to estimate multiple heights of wood, or combine wood with chainlink, vinyl, and ornamental iron fence.

Wood Fabrication Interface


Wood Scratch Builder has the versatility to adapt itself to any type or style of wood fencing. It operates in three distinct modes: Pre-Built for companies that install wood panels and/or pre-fab them in the shop, Scratch Built for those that stick build on site, and the new Wood Fabricator mode which can do both and much more.

Since wood fence varies so much from region to region and even company to company, it requires more setup then our other programs. We send it out with a generic setup for both types of construction. You adapt it to your exact ways of producing wood by customizing the inventory and running the Wood Scratch Builder Setup program. Wood Scratch Builder can estimate unlimited combinations of vertical and horizontal board fences. It can combine the two into one design. The program accommodates custom cut pickets and can estimate trim pieces like lattice toppers, facia boards, and post caps. You determine the hardware and framing method for wood gates. It will store up to ninety nine standard specifications for each height of fence which can be called up with one keystroke.


Drawings with dimensions and specs.
Wood Scratch Builder will produce an exact itemized bill of materials. It will list exact quantities and prices and print an exact Packing List with a computer generated Job Sketch as a worksheet for your installers. It will also produce an itemized cost, update inventory, add sales taxes, and has a labor calculation module. It can discount down from a retail price or work from a cost plus a markup percentage. If you produce your boards or panels from stock lumber, the Additional Pricing Functions (an assembly routine that is part of the system) can convert prices per thousand into prices per piece and assemble those pieces into constructed panels including all wood materials, fasteners, and labor factors.

Updating Wood Prices

When the price of material or labor changes, entering the new costs into Master File will automatically recalculate and update all of your board or panel prices.

Version 8 Wood Estimator Video
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