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CFS Version 16

  • MapDraw - A new web based job entry utility to layout and estimate jobs on Google Map or Satellite View. They export to any Scratch Builder and upload jobs from our new GeoDraw Web App
  • PVC Shop Drawing - New Shop Drawing program for vinyl fence that produces high quality SVG graphics. There is no setup required and yet it offers easy customization
  • Document Forge - Offers two new reports - a Purchase Order Form and Request for Quote. The Doc Forge Large Contract and Work Order can now import custom images including Google Map, Satellite or Street View images.
  • We increased the number of stretches for Scratch Builder programs to 250, made it easier to arrange Parts Catalog categories, and added a print option to Job Status.
  • Renew QwikDraw & Tech Support & More ...


The new Google Maps based job entry for CFS that will change the way you look at fence

MapDraw is a new web based job entry app for the Computer Fencing System Version 16.0. It's the biggest thing to hit CFS since QwikDraw. It unleashes the power of Google within CFS. Joining QwikBid and QwikDraw, MapDraw completes the suite of three job entry vehicles for CFS.

MapDraw accesses Google Maps to let you visit job sites around the corner or around the world from wherever you are working. You enter the address of the job and there it is - ready to be sketched, broken down, quoted and sold. You can toggle through Google Maps, Google Satellite, and Google Street View.

You draw out a project - including single, double, rolling, cantilever or internal track gates, similar to the way QwikDraw works. All dimensions will automatically be calculated by Google and are to scale. You can override the measurements if you want to make an adjustment.

Once you have the sketch, you can send it to a chainlink, wood, vinyl, ornamental, or welded mesh Scratch Builder program for the complete fence breakdown and all of the valuable reports that these programs provide.

You can fine tune your site plan by zooming in and clicking and dragging terminal points. The dimensions will immediately recalculate and display. You can navigate around the map display by holding down the left mouse button and dragging or zooming in or out. Gates are input the same simple way that they are in QwikDraw. You can capture an image of the site with the job sketch overlayed on it and print it by itself or on a Contract or a Workorder in CFS (See Document Forge for more info).

Looking at the site is a good way to know how hard you want to pursue a job. Having looked at the site beforehand, you will be prepared and informed when you go on site. How many times did you wish you had known something before you had invested the time in chasing a wild goose? You might even pre-figure a proposal or two beforehand.

Your customers will be impressed by the sophistication of your tools and professionalism of your proposal. MapDraw will make your business run smoother and more profitably.

MapDraw can also accept layouts created by your customers in our new GeoDraw website app.

Like QwikDraw, MapDraw will renew as a part of your annual upgrade.

MapDraw Video Demo

Other Enhancements

We have increased the number of stretches to 250 and numbers of gates to 50 in the Scratch Builder programs, made it easier to rearrange Parts Catalog categories, and added a print option to Job Status.

Renew Tech Support

Our world class live tech support includes toll free telephone support for 45 hours each week with our Montana based, knowledgeable and friendly support staff for customers on the current version of CFS. When necessary, we can even remotely log onto your computer to address issues.

This support is backed up by over 60 video tutorials on our website at: fencesoftware.com/support/tutorials/.

We will continue to provide live, toll free telephone tech support, free on-line backup and remote desktop support for Computer Fencing System Version 15 customers until Feb. 15, 2016.

The charge for support after that date for customers not on the current version will be $3.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of $15.00 per call. Access to this resource alone is worth the cost of the upgrade.

Renew QwikDraw

Our first customer, Dick Dube of Aroostook Fence in Maine told us that "QwikDraw is the best thing you ever did." That's high praise from a Mainer. I wonder what Dick will have to say about MapDraw?

Upgrading to CFS Version 16 will renew QwikDraw for 2016.

Going forward - upgrading annually will also renew MapDraw.

view image  
MapDraw - Version 16

Vinyl Shop Drawing Program

Our new generation of scalable vector graphic Chainlink Shop Drawings have proven so popular that for Version 16 we expanded the technology to include vinyl fencing. The new PVC Shop Drawing automatically produces high quality drawings for the Line of Fence, Single Swing Gates and Double Swing Gates in any height or width. This is the first time CFS has had the ability to draw vinyl gates.

All of the post, rail, picket, bracing and upright menus are customizeable for size and terminology. You can even add items with custom dimensions on the fly. The program draws diagonal or square lattice, accent pickets and alternate picket fence and gates. It can draw arches, scallops and stepped ends. Pickets can insert into or attach to rails. Posts have six different caps and pickets have four picket top choices.

The drawings can generate as either a black and white line drawing or a full color drawing. You can mix the framework and fill colors. PVC Shop Drawing comes with a standard palette of five colors or you can mix any custom color you want. PVC Shop Drawing offers five different hinges and five different latches in fine detail. There are even controls for custom positioning of gate hardware.

The drawings have the specs listed on the landscape oriented drawing. These auto generating specs can be edited before printing. The file can be saved in SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG or BMP file format. With this capability they can be used in a variety of other programs.

Best of all, PVC Shop Drawing is a menu driven program that is easy to run. No drawing talent is required. The program installs with no setup required. It will run immediately. While there is no setup needed, PVC Shop Drawing is also readily customizable with an easy to use Settings area to change descriptions and dimensions. If you build vinyl fence you can use PVC Shop Drawing.

Document Forge

CFS Version 16 has two new reports added to Document Forge to take advantage of the new MapDraw abilities in addition to two new reports - a Purchase Order form and a Request for Quote.

The Doc Forge Large Sketch Contract and the Work Order can now import and incorporate a custom image including a Google Map, Google Satellite or Google Street View job sketch image.

Remember, we can create custom contracts or other CFS documents for you in Doc Forge. Send us an example for an estimate of cost.


CFS Enterprise Edition

Customers have been asking us to make CFS more open and accessible and for the ability to transfer data between CFS and other programs. In response we have developed the CFS Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition consists of two primary applications that import data into and out of CFS. The first, which we call InterOp, is a program to export items from the Master File into Excel or any other spreadsheet program and back into the CFS Master File. The second application, called XML Export, creates an open format XML file of Scratch Builder estimates and Cash Register invoices that contain every bit of information that CFS knows about the estimate or invoice. This data can be readily accessed by any programmer and directed to any other application. In addition to these benefits, Enterprise Edition customers also receive free upgrades to the current version of CFS. The cost is $750 per year, only $255 more than the standard upgrade. Call us for more information about the CFS Enterprise Edition.

CFS to Quickbooks Interface

Jobs created in CFS transfer directly into an estimate in QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise editions where they can be converted into a Sales Order, Purchase Order, or Invoice. Double entry is eliminated. The QB inventory database can be populated with items from CFS. Costs and Selling Prices can be synchronized between QB and CFS and inventory breakdowns from CFS can be updated in QB. This interface will help you to get the most out of each program.

A more detailed explanation of features and a video demonstration of the interface can be found on our CFS to QB webpage.

The best fence software in the fencing industry.
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