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Computer Fencing System Version 19

New Version 19
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CFS Version 19

  • 150% Bigger Menu Screens in CFS
  • Master File Part Lookup option using Key Word Searches
  • New bracing option available in Chainlink Scratch Builder - Horizontal Brace, Diagonal Brace and Truss
  • Modification to the Chainlink Scratch Builder to optionally use Corner Barb Wire Arms and Extended Terminals on the same job
  • Independent Truss and Vertical Brace Calculations
  • Modificaiton to the Chainlink Scratch Builder to give an option between a loop cap and a dome cap when the top rail is omitted
  • Added the name of the job to the Reports Menu
  • Pull List with an option for returned items
  • New option in the Contract Notes to include item quantities
  • Hot Keys for Gate Size entry
  • Price Rounding on Output Prices
  • Concrete setting tool
  • New file naming option available in QwikDraw
  • Additional Latches available in Chainlink Shop Drawings
  • New Diagonal Brace Options in Chainlink Shop Drawing
  • PVC Upright adjustment in Shop Drawing
  • Post Plates available in all Shop Drawing programs
  • Updated Product Modules - We have recently updated product masters for Bufftech, Iron World, Active Yards, Digger Specialties and Country Estate Pennsylvania for 2019.
  • Renew QwikDraw, MapDraw, Tech Support & More ...

2019 Shop Drawing Update

We have added several new options to the Shop Drawing generators to correspond with the changes we have made to the Chainlink Scratch Builder program.

The most significant of these was the addition of the diagonal brace in the line of fence drawing. Previously, the Shop Drawing did not draw diagonals making the user manually modify the drawing to accomplish this. With the addition of the drawing of the diagonal brace, we were able to fully draw each of the bracing options we offer in the scratch builder program.

Also in the Chainlink portion of the program, we added options for the Magna Latch and Self Closing Latch.

New to all Shop Drawing programs is the ability to draw a plated post. To activate this feature, you need to set the post in ground depth to zero. This will activate an input area to type the width of the plate. Once the width of the plate is entered, it will clear the rest of your concrete settings for the particular post. These plates work independently so you could have plated Line Posts and In-ground Terminals on the same picture.

In the PVC Shop Drawing program, we have added an option to have the upright not equal to the height of the post.

Updated Product Modules for 2019

We have recently updated product masters for Bufftech, Iron World, Active Yards, Digger Specialties and Country Estate Pennsylvania for 2019. Call us for details.

Renew Your Free Live Tech Support

Our world class live tech support includes toll free telephone support for 45 hours each week with our Montana based, knowledgeable and friendly support staff for customers on the current version of CFS. When necessary, we can even remotely log onto your computer to address issues.

This support is backed up by over 60 video tutorials on our website at: fencesoftware.com/support/tutorials/.

We will continue to provide live, toll free telephone tech support, free on-line backup and remote desktop support for Computer Fencing System Version 18 customers until Mar. 1st, 2019.

The charge for support after that date for customers not on the current version will be $3.00 per minute, with a minimum charge of $15.00 per call. Access to this resource alone is worth the cost of the upgrade.

Renew QwikDraw & MapDraw

QwikDraw and MapDraw are two powerful tools for estimating fences. QwikDraw can combine up to seven height styles or types of fence into a single estimate. MapDraw can call up a map or satellite view of a property and enable you to layout a fence on site -- without being there. MapDraw is also an excellent tool to connect with potential customers at home shows or, with internet access, when in their home.

Upgrading to CFS Version 19 will renew QwikDraw and MapDraw for 2019.

CFS Facebook Page

You can now follow us on Facebook.

'Like' us to get notified of CFS news, messages and updates on Facebook.

Garden State AFA 2019 Jackpot Trade Show

TradeShow Information

The GSAFA tradeshow Jackpot 2019 is being held at Harrah's Resort, 777 Harrah's Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ on February 7th & 8th 2019. In addition to the tradeshow, there are six valuable educational seminars and a wonderful cocktail party.

You will find us at the tradeshow in Booth # 310. See you there.

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CFS Version 19

CFS Version 19

Scratch Builder Programs

One of the first things you will notice with this year's version is the new look of the screens. We have increased the size of most menus by 150%. This increase will make it easier to see and use on computers with large screen displays.

There are several new options you will find throughout the scratch builder programs.

The most signficant of these changes is the new keyword search of the Master File. This change makes it easier than ever to find items in the file. Type in a word, a partial word, or phrase and the program will search the entire Master File, including the Source and Part Numbers, Description, Size, and Item to find every occurence of your key words. We have also made it easier to get to the search screen by including a magnifying glass icon that you can click on to take you into the search area in addition to pressing your F2 key.

To help make identification of your jobs easier, we now include the saved name of the job at the top of the screen after the job has been saved. This makes it easy to identify what job you are in the middle of when you get called away from your computer.

In the Packing Lists, there is a new option grouped in the Pull Lists that includes a column for returned items.

In the Contract Notes, there is now an option to turn on Quantities when you click the Material button on the Contract Notes screen.

We have added a layer to your output pricing to round your automatically calculated numbers to more sales friendly numbers.

Chainlink Scratch Builder

We have been busy in the Chainlink Scratch Builder program this year, putting in some much needed features.

On the bracing menu, a new option for Horizontal Brace / Diagonal Brace / Truss Rod is now an option available.

When you choose a corner barb wire arm for an estimate, you will now get an additional menu which will make you determine if all of your posts will get corner barb wire arms or if only the corners will get them.

When you omit the top rail on an estimate, you will now have an option on the defaults menu to toggle between a loop cap and a dome cap.

Backfill Examples in Shop Drawing
  Pull Return Packing List
  Contract with Material Quantities

Update Master File

We have added a Concrete Setting tool to make it easier to modify which Concrete Record the PVC, Ornamental, Wood, and Wire Panel Scratch Builders are using. This is a great place to go to quickly change your concrete records for all of your setups. This is especially handy when you bring in an updated merge module. This eliminates the need to look up your concrete record number because you will be able to see exactly what your other setups are using for concrete and set it accordingly.


CFS Enterprise Edition

Customers have been asking us to make CFS more open and accessible and for the ability to transfer data between CFS and other programs. In response we have developed the CFS Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition consists of two primary applications that import data into and out of CFS. The first, which we call InterOp, is a program to export items from the Master File into Excel or any other spreadsheet program and back into the CFS Master File. The second application, called XML Export, creates an open format XML file of Scratch Builder estimates and Cash Register invoices that contain every bit of information that CFS knows about the estimate or invoice. This data can be readily accessed by any programmer and directed to any other application. In addition to these benefits, Enterprise Edition customers also receive free upgrades to the current version of CFS. The cost is $750 per year, only $255 more than the standard upgrade. Call us for more information about the CFS Enterprise Edition.

CFS to Quickbooks Interface

Jobs created in CFS transfer directly into an estimate in QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise editions where they can be converted into a Sales Order, Purchase Order, or Invoice. Double entry is eliminated. The QB inventory database can be populated with items from CFS. Costs and Selling Prices can be synchronized between QB and CFS and inventory breakdowns from CFS can be updated in QB. This interface will help you to get the most out of each program.

A more detailed explanation of features and a video demonstration of the interface can be found on our CFS to QB webpage.

FenceTech 2019 Indianapolis

TradeShow Information

FenceTech 2019 is scheduled for March 13th - 16th, 2019 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our annual CFS Customer Workshop is scheduled on Thursday, March 14th from 9 am until 12 pm at the Indiana Convention Center. We will notify you of the room number via Facebook and the CFS newsfeed when it is assigned.

Bring your questions, your employees and your laptops or tablets - for an intensive and personalized CFS Workshop - our CFS Tech experts will be there to answer all your questions. You will also get to meet the nice people you talk to on the phone.

You can also see us on the tradeshow floor in Indy. You will find us in Booth # 2065.

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